Max Sense of Self offers a holistic approach to health and 
healing with the acknowledgment of the inseparable 
relationship of body and mind.

No matter what health concerns may be present, physically and emotionally, your diet and state of mind can provide you with the tools needed to heal. 

Combining modern day nutrition with ancient Eastern philosophies, Max sense of self focuses not only on what you are doing but HOW you are doing it.
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Welcome To Max Sense of Self

Your Stress-Free Path To Wellness
Integrative Nutrition

Customized Health Programs with Daniel Max

  1. Individualized Nutrition Programs

  2. Yoga Instruction, Meditation and Relaxation

  3. Shiatsu Massage

  4. Stress Management Coaching

  5. Mind Body Medicine

 Improve your life by changing the way you eat
 Identify and attain your most fulfilling health goals 
 Create a life geared towards wellness
 Reduce your stress and connect to inner peace
 Create positive and lasting changes in your life

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